2012 m. rugsėjo 21-23, DAMTP vardu pati save pasiskyrusi kuratorė Chus Martínez kviečia į negamybinių psichodarbininkų ir duomenkasių, neproduktyvių mirusiųjų darbininkų, reprodukcijos darbininkų ir valytojų (samdomų ir neapmokamų) suvažiavimą Alytuje. Darbotvarkėje: buržuazinės kultūros griovimo strategijų aptarimas ir mėgavimasis jos agonijomis, pašalinus prieigas prie švaros (valytojų, chemikų ir santechnikų streikas), šviesos (jungtinis elektrikų ir vizualiųjų menininkų streikas) ir stilistikos (rašytojų, stilistų, korektūros darbininkų ir spaustuvininkų streikas).


1. I read the "REPORT ON DAMTP PSYCHIC ATTACK ON MANIFESTA 9...". I agree and do not agree with the tactical conclusion "it’s time for artists to face their own misery" since the misery is quite clear to everyone but artists who stay arty or non-arty artists might not be able to face it. Anyway perhaps 99,8 percent of those artists got to do jobs that are not arty, as long as Beuys comes around telling everyone is one and everything is art. it is a vicious cycle to use the term art and criticize it, it's at least (and furthermore) an apologia for doing art as art. it is okay I guess to attack exploitation in the sector of the arts, but (no mission here and no believe) as long as art as a social need is not sublated as art of the bourgeois society nothing can be 'art'. So I rather think of leaving the art-field and check out more economy/work/life (whatever this means) -- mh, the way to the woods I guess? Crisis I’d say.

0. The term art I use in a very particular sense - as a capitalist specialization, therefore the artists are capitalist specialization of non specialists. The exploitation I take rather not on the level of art production in economic sense, but rather as the playing of the role in the capitalist specialization machine. It doesn’t, matter it is critical or conservative, or bourgeois or proletarian. The problem with Beuys was that he played a double game - that was exactly what you call using the word art and criticizing it. I am using the word art since there are existing artists and my call is to resign from playing the role and to become psychic workers. Also the exploitation I see not on the level of the art production, but rather cultural capital is created on the manipulation with masses of the participating artists. Another point is the overwhelming eurocentrism in the whole approach of the white bourgeois propaganda in the form of serious culture and particularly in arts - I mean linguistic and ocularcentric colonialism of mind. Simply I am talking about racism (fascism is just a small part of this much older and bigger problem as it was just the form of how it revealed itself in Europe). Reviewing the economy without referring to colonialism would be stepping deeper back into a capitalist illusion. 

0. If to talk about crisis - this is not economical, but that one of paneconomism.

0. It may be useful to consider our activities in their historical context: amongst other things, the psychic workers union comes from discussions and studies of the work of Gustav Metzger who was one of the artists who pioneered the art strike strategy Metzger also called for artists unions and even was in communication with the graphic artists union in the 60s - but the talks failed ...


0. You may have heard of course when Beuys said to Metzger "Jedermann ist ein Künstler" he replied: 'Himmler auch?

today – July 28th, 2012 is the anniversary of the death of Isidore Isou and the founding of the Situationist International and founding day of REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal union.

here is a little bedtime story as comment on declaration that “baker cannot leave her bakery”:

so the baker leaves the shop and goes off to other work...

but she still bakes

for herself

maybe for her fellow workers

maybe she ends up working in a kitchen

(that is not exclusively for baking...)


is the baker the same as the shop?

can she refuse being a baker and still bake?

can she refuse baking and still be a baker?

why bake? to resist hunger? for herself? to feed others?

how does she fight hunger? how can she ignore starvation all around her?


The discussion sprang-up after the DAMTP report was sent to the artists and curators of the Manifesta related event called HDI (Hotel de Inmigrantes) and also Cosmopolitant Stranger.


[A proposal by Uruguayan artist Alejandro Turell to ask the Belgian microbiologist scientist (invited to perform scientist in the spectacular event HDI in Hasselt) to sign the paper about refusing from misuse of people and further their discrimination in the sense of inequality as it usually is demonstrated in the name of science. The scientist agreed finally with some limitations by simply saying that she does not agree with everything said in the paper, but follows the reasoning…]  


The report is about DAMTP infiltration into the event of extreme eurocentrism in the essence and approach while involving wide range of international artists (majority as usually were white males).



Tribute to Oury Jalloh by Brigades d'Interventions Plastiques/Psychique/Prolétarienne as hypergraphy that’s almost reverse/dialectical graffiti - posted psycho-electronically into Berlin’s official sites as part of Unsanctioned initiative raised by Howard McCalebb to counterflow open racism of Berlin Biennale 7 and to litter Berlin. The main curator of BB7 Žmijevsky has declared that immigrants are pollution and art produced by non artists – that is art pollution



Introduction fitting the main regulations by police, authorities and bourgeois art world


The text below is intended to serve as the mean for self-education and amusement. Better do not make copies, simply hide yourself at home, do art or go to work, and stay in fear!


1. What do we want?


Art world is in a process of neo-liberalization (i.e. privatization, commercialization, taxation) what makes the basic institution of art even less acceptable than it was when established in 18th century as a mean to gain privileged status for bourgeoisie and to start the total capitalist alienation and the specialization (including non specialized specialists) of the society.


We simply want to turn away from ongoing bourgeoisification of the psychic workers and data miners – many of them still call themselves being artists or in rare cases – art workers. We ask to quit with art production in support capitalist machine and to start production of meaning without giving a right for capitalists to distribute it. We demand immediate quite the exploitation of working people at the same time damaging their minds filling it with propagandized-diverted meaning just produced by themselves.


Nowadays we have reached the critical point of neo-liberalist biennalization of the art world what is nothing else but global corruption of the art system and industrialized privatization of the meaning fitting it to the customized standards and clichés. The customized forms of the culture are true forms of the colonization of mind, alienation of human beings and nature, humans and humans, humans and dead humans… etc. what lead towards further exploitation of all working people of the world.


Debiennalization – that is a newest approach – the kick into ass of seeming-to-be capitalist stability. Our task is to result the bloody convulsions of capitalist rites rooted in contemporary forms of biennialization.


But I was first struck by the true dimensions of that problem in 1970, when Faith and I attended a guerilla art action protest against Art Strike, which was itself a protest against ‘racism, war and repression’. A group of famous white male artists led by Robert Morris decided to withdraw their work from the Venice Biennale, a prestigious international exhibition, in order to protest US bombing of Cambodia and the murder of college students at Kent, Jackson and Augusta. Although the protest was supposed to be against ‘Racism, War, and Repression’ (sexism was not yet on their agenda), Art Strike then expected to mount a counter-Biennale in New York without altering the all-white male composition of the show. This seems to be the key to understanding the intrinsic limits of Western cultural avant-gardism: while it can no longer deny its own white male supremacist presuppositions it cannot be rid of them either.


In the first years of our feminism, working through an organization that we founded called Women Students and Artists for Black Art Liberation (WSABAL), Faith and others succeeded in opening this exhibition to women and people of color. WSABAL was also influential in the subsequent development of Ad Hoc Women Artists, led by Lucy Lippard. This group repeated WSABAL’s 50 per cent women demand in their protest against the Whitney Biennial, which was in the habit of including white male artists almost exclusively. Specifically because of Faith’s research and support of Ad Hoc, black women artists Barbara Chase Riboud and Bettye Saar were included in the next Whitney Biennial.

[Michele Wallace “Invisibility Blues”]


In 2009 artists in Alytus responded to the EU city of culture award to Vilnius, by declaring an Art Strike and hosting an Art Strike Biennial. I was involved with the IWW at the time and put forward the idea of creating a psychic workers union. This was to counter Bolshevik ideas of a division between cultural, political and economic organization of workers as well as the bourgeois Eurocentric ideas of art production as separate from other creative activities.


The Psychic workers union was indeed formed when I left the IWW in 2009 after briefly organizing with the Cambridge branch as they would not support the terms of myself and the Art Strikers of Alytus – so we created the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique. This summer we have been attacking the Manifesta Biennale, the Berlin Biennale and also linking up with the artists of the Dakar Biennale. We saw it imnportant to not only attack Eurocentric bourgeois culture at its source (the art biennial) but also in its neo-colonial form in Dakar, Senegal while also extending the hand of comradeship to the African black and coloured artists there.


This is not about identity politics – but about (re)defining what we mean by the Proletariat! Any situation is defined in Time, Space and Class – and its measurement begins with the here and now – our own situation as workers who are constructing it.


That’s why recent texts of the psychic workers are always talking about black power. The failure to link up the strikes (of workers), the protests (of students) and the riots (of the so-called “lumpen” proletariat) in a time when the most vulnerable in society are being hit by government cuts is not necessarily the sign of total defeat. Much is going on which is invisible - unrepresentatable – outside and beyond the surface of the spectacle. However international proletarian organizing and uprising will inevitably make contact with the spectacle in order to destroy it.

Dear artists of the Manifesta Biennial and events related to it,

I write to you as a fellow worker. I have rejected the role of artist and become the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP)

DAMTP has been formed out of the Art Strike biennial of 2009 via discussions with the Industrial Workers of the World. So some other workers are also the DAMTP.

Our specific aim at the moment is to attack white supremacy, patriarch and bourgeois culture. These problems exist in art – and even in the protest movement by artists against the art system.

we will attack your role in the spectacle

we will attack your bourgoisification

we will attack your role in european bourgeois patriarchal serious culture

we hereby join the Cultural Boycott: MTN Blackout 20 Days Campaign

Our site http://strike 2012.org will be blacked out for 20 days and show only info of the 20 Day Campaign

By forfeiting her livelihood and following in the foot steps of the conscientised South African top musicians, Lira's sacrifice and others must not be in vain and thus we and the people we associate with, in South Africa and Swaziland, have taken the decision to fofeit the luxury of receiving and making MTN calls, sms and so forth as from the 10th May untill after the Bush Fire Festival - 30th May 2012.

[find English below]

en francais:

Chers artistes de la Biennale de Dakar,

Je vous écris en tant que collègue. J'ai rejeté le rôle de l'artiste et deviennent les données des mineurs Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP)

DAMTP a été formée à partir de la grève biennale d'art de 2009 grâce à des discussions avec les Industrial Workers of the World. Ainsi, certains travailleurs d'autres sont aussi les DAMTP.

Notre objectif spécifique pour le moment consiste à attaquer la suprématie blanche, le patriarche et la culture bourgeoise. Ces problèmes existent dans l'art - et même dans le mouvement de protestation des artistes contre
le système de l'art.

Nous allons vous aider à résister à la marchandisation

Nous vous aiderons dans votre révolutionnaire devient

Nous allons vous aider à développer votre travail au niveau international

La grève d'art en 1970 Grève artistique de New York contre le racisme, la guerre et la répression a été organisée par des artistes masculins exclusivement blancs. Il a été contrecarrée à la fois par les étudiants et les artistes femmes pour Black Art Libération (WSABAL), qui a réussi à ouvrir l'action de protestation pour les femmes et les personnes de couleur.


हड़ताल                                                             ہڑتال

प्रहार                                                               پرہار

विरोध – हड़ताल                                                 مخالفت - ہڑتال

तेल की खोज                                                   تیل کی تلاش


We took part in the biggest ever strike known to human history in February 28, 2012. The results were mixed and muted – not much written but here are some thoughts. Some of the debate around the strikes tended to polarise – i.e. create a 2 dimensional situation – a spectacle. e.g.


हड़ताल  / बंद


Hartal ہڑتال /  हड़ताल  means strike – Bandh बंद means CLOSE or CLOSED. Both are used to denote a General Strike. Different people referred to it differently for political reasons.

In west Bengal the government referred to a bandh because bandh was banned in 1998. Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee for West Bengal – having called for bandhs herself when in opposition as leader of Trinamool Congress now apologised for this. Mamata of course should not be confused with Subodh Banarjee who popularlised the Ghereo – the encirclement of politicians or government offices until workers’ demands are met.


Hartal meaning strike has been a civil disobedience method used against British rule as well as against Princely state form in India for centuries. The action of stopping work also was used on the death of a leader or of many people as acts of mourning. Another variant which is common in Hindi-speaking regions is the bhukh hartal which translates as hunger strike.




more on the issue: عرس URS MUBARAK AT QABAR OF RAHMAT ALI CHAUDHRY 2012 عرس

Šiandien mes prisijungiame prie didžiausio visų laikų streiko pasaulyje – stabdome bet kokią telepatinę ir/ar (psicho)elektroninę komunikaciją darbiniais tikslais: t.y. nesijungiame prie elektroninio pašto, nesiunčiame SMS žinučių, atsisakome bet kokios internetinės komunikacijos, išjungiame telefonus. O taip pat jokių komunikavimų su mirusiais, nemirusiais, gyvais ar dar negimusiais.

Visą komunikaciją nukreipsime prieš bosus ir valdytojus.

Tai bus reali ataka prieš kapitalistinės gamybos sistemą.

Taip kiekvienas individas bet kur pasaulyje galės prisijungti prie streiko laukinės katės stiliumi.

Ir to galima net neskelbti – bosams bus tik sunkiau susivokti ar tai atsitiko dėl techninių kliūčių, ar ne.

Bet kuriuo atveju sieksime, kad kapitalistinė gamyba būtų žlugdoma pasauliniu mastu.

Today we join the biggest strike ever known - No psychic and electronic communication is to be undertaken for the purposes of work: This should include all Electronic mail, text messaging, w...ebmail, internet communication VOIP or telephony etc. Also to include any psychic communication with persons or beings dead, undead, alive or as yet unborn.

Communications are to be directed against the bosses and rulers.

This works as a real attack on capitalist production and allows individuals to join a general strike in wildcat style.

But it can be undeclared - bosses never know if it is by accident or not. Either way capitalist production is attacked on a global scale.

On January 13th, 2012 Czech artist Martin Zet under the protection of Berlin Biennale ideologists published a call collect the copies of an openly racist anti-muslim Thilo Sarazzin‘s “Deutschland schafft sich ab” book from the German readers. This would be done through the established network of collection points around the country. Collected copies of the book would be then used to compose sculptures. After the Biennale show is over, the books are supposed to be recycled for better purposes. As a result of such proposal, Martin faced a blast of furious counter-reaction from both media and the public (for example

The Heinrich Heine slogan „Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen“ ("Those who burn books will end up burning people") is embraced by neo-Nazis resisting the suppression of their “democratic freedom of speech“. One thing was Heine‘s point of view, but the true social-Darwinism doesn’t proceed "backwards" – those who have burned people once don't step back to burn books again. In Germany today they don’t burn books but still burn people, like Oury Jalloh (born in 1968 in Kabala, Sierra Leone, killed on the 7th January 2005 in the police cell in Dessau, Germany; see http://thevoiceforum.org).

The publications are situgraphic - no top nor bottom settled, neither left nor right sides fixed. Every page could be considered to be the first.The 8 page newspaper combines texts and images in hypergraphic and situgraphic form by the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique.


DAMTP congress newspaper issue 1 [Solstice Issue 411 MKC/ XMAS 2010/ ASHURA 1432/ 10 TEVET 5771]  Available online at:

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 2 [Spring Equinox 411 Rabi 'll 1432 - Fast of Esther/ Purim 5771]: http://antisystemic.org/SW/DAMTP2.pdf

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 3 [MAyday 2011]: http://antisystemic.org/SW/DAMTP3.pdf

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 4 [Summer Solstice ISOU DEATH Issue / June 28th, 2011 / Situationist International Founding DAY at Cosio d'Aroscia (Italy)]: http://antisystemic.org/SW/DAMTP4.pdf

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 5 [The Psychic Occupation - Psychogeographical Passover Edition] : http://antisystemic.org/SW/damtp5.pdf

DAMTP newspaper issue 6 [counterbiennial motivational edition. 2012] : http://antisystemic.org/SW/DAMTP6.pdf

DAMTP newspaper issue 7 [2012///Autumn Equinox///Psychic decolonization///Alytus meeting]  publication which critically engages with Art Biennales around the world - this time pdf's in pieces:

DAMTP newspaper issue 8 [2014///Spring Equinox edition] publication of some materials from Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial: DesaKalaPatraGraph, Tazreen garments factory fire's issues, continuing French colonialism in Africa, Asemic International and address to psychic workers of Uruguay:


[also Urdu & Russian version to be found below]



We are a labour union for workers, who make meaning,

who work on the extraction, development, generation, control, transfer and communication of meaning.

Meaning is made by producers and consumers of commodities.



We are open to wage slaves, bonded slaves or chattel slaves

We are open to all paid or unpaid workers

We are open to temporary and permanent workers

We are open to workers from any job, trade, industry

We are open to workers from any space and time

We are open to workers who are dead

We are open to workers who do not exist  







Trialectics is a tool of dialectic war dissolved into collective poetry.

Trialectics leads towards direct action.



We demand subversion of positivist rituals,

We demand subversion of the cult of productivity,

We demand subversion of the idolatry of scientism,

We demand subversion of capitalist 'rationalism' ('common sense' - which is not so common),

We demand subversion of imperial-bureaucratic mentality.



We organize for the specific situation

We organize for class struggle.

We organize in the household,

We organize in the leisure, public or private space,

We organize in any job, industry, trade or region

We organize on any temporal or class basis.



The first labour is the labour of birth

so the most important work is the work of women,

the work of sexually progressive ones

the work of all non-white non-male peoples around the world.



Any worker can become an instantly revocable delegates.

Any worker can become a committee

Any worker can become a union themself


We want a moral imperative;

We want to imagine another life

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede capitalist life one because it is based on exploitation

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede education,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede specialization,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede experts,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede competition,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede careers,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede the market,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede overproduction,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede consumption,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede categorization,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede hierarchy,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede aesthetics,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede alienation,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede serious European culture,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede self-identification with cultural clichés.



We will outlive capitalism.

We have no bank accounts or dues.

We take everything from capitalist companies.

There is no point in competing with other workers

We will steal from our oppressors.

What belongs to whom?


We want to take collective control of the means of production

We want to share all resources together

We want to become a workers council in every place

We want to become a workers council in time

We want to become a workers council in space



We work with other workers unions and workers councils around the world.

We obey workers and workers unions that are poorer than us

We obey workers and workers unions that are less organised than us

We command workers and workers unions that are richer than us

We command workers and workers unions that are more organised than us

We look forward for the new constructs of selforganization to dismiss us.




Apocalypse and Judgment Day in Hollywood cinema ('2012') supports capitalist ideology of social consensus

Apocalypse and Judgment Day in Hollywood cinema promotes passive acceptance of a 'shocking' 'end'.

We imagine a different future.



Our aim is a General Strike:

Our aim is an economical strike

Our aim is a social strike,

Our aim is a cultural strike,

Our aim is a sexual strike,

Our aim is a psychic strike.



2012 will be the year of resistance

2012 will be the year of organization in the way of ceasing to live according to our habits.

2012 will be the year we stopped the quantum time bomb

2012 will be the year we stopped the Freemasons of the Future



Social change on a world scale is possible and in progress.









infoRmation, intElligence, military operatiVes:
sOcial, poLitical and culTural workers:

Join the union of
Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique



انجمن متن کھنیک اور عملی کارکن

Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)

اعداد و شمار کھنیک


نفسیاتی کارکنان


ہم ڈیٹا کھنیک اور ذہنی کارکنوں کی لیبر یونین کی جاتی ہیں


ہم نے کارکنوں کو جو معنی بنانے کے لئے لیبر یونین ہیں.

جو کھولنے کا ، ترقی ، پیداوار ، کنٹرول ، منتقلی اور معنی میں مواصلات کا کام.

مطلب مصنوعات اور کھانے کی چیزوں کو صارفین کی جانب سے دیا جاتا ہے.


ہم تنخواہ غلام ، داس یا پراپرٹی بندوں بندوا کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم سب کی ادائیگی یا ادت کارکنوں کو کھلی رہتی ہیں.

ہم نے عارضی اور مستقل ملازمین کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم نے کوئی کام ، تجارت ، صنعت کے ملازمین کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم کسی بھی جگہ اور وقت سے مزدوروں کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم نے کارکنوں کو جو مر چکے ہیں کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم نے کارکنوں کو جو موجود نہیں کرنا کھلی رہتی ہیں.


جنگ کا ایک آلہ اجتماعی شاعری ہے.

براہ راست کارروائی کی طرف لے جاتی ہے.


ہم مثبت رواج کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ ،

ہم پیداوری کا دین کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ ،

ہم اشتھانواد کی بت پرستی کے فتنہ بپا کا مطالبہ ،

ہم سرمایہ کی 'ریشنلائیزم بغاوت کا مطالبہ' (عام عقل '-- جس میں اتنی عام نہیں ہے) ،

ہم نے شاہی نوکرشاہی کی ذہنیت کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ.


ہم نے خاص حالت کے لئے منظم

ہم نے طبقاتی جدوجہد کے لئے منظم.

ہم گھر میں منظم ،

ہم تفریح ، عوامی یا نجی خلا میں منظم ،

ہم نے کوئی کام ، صنعت ، تجارت اور علاقے میں منظم

ہم نے کوئی بھی کچھ وقت کی یا طبقے کی بنیاد پر منظم.


پہلا مزدور کی پیدائش کے کارکن ہے

تو سب سے زیادہ اہم کام عورتوں کا کام ہے ،

جنسی طور پر ترقی پذیر لوگوں کا کام

دنیا بھر میں تمام غیر سفید غیر مرد - لوگوں کا کام کرتے ہیں.


کوئی ملازم کسی کو فوری طور پر مائسنہرنیی نمائندوں بن سکتے ہیں.

کوئی کارکن ایک کمیٹی بن سکتا ہے

کوئی کارکن ایک مرکزی خود بن سکتا ہے


ہم ایک اخلاقی ضروری چاہتے ہیں ؛

ہم نے ایک نئ زندگی کا تصور کرنا چاہتے ہیں

ہم سرمایہ کی زندگی پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں کیونکہ یہ استحصال پر مبنی ہے

ہم نے تعلیم پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم مہارت پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم نے ماہرین کی قابو پانے کے لیے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم مقابلے پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم نے کیرئر پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم مارکیٹ پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم پیداوار پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم استعمال پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم درجہ بندی پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم تنظیمی ڈھانچے پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم خوبصورتی پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم فاصلے پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم شدید یورپی ثقافت پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم ثقافتی کے ساتھ خود کو شناخت - قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں.


ہم نے اب گزشتہ سے سرمایہ داری کرے گا.

ہمارے پاس اور کوئی بینک اکاؤنٹ یا بقایا ہے.

ہم نے سب کچھ لے رئیسوں سے.

اس کے دوسرے کارکنوں کے ساتھ مقابلہ کرنے میں کوئی فائدہ نہیں ہے

ہم ظالم سے چوری کرے گا.

کیا ہی کے لئے ہے کون؟


ہم نے پیداوار کا مطلب ہے کی مجموعی کنٹرول کرنا چاہتے ہیں

ہم نے تمام وسائل کے ساتھ اشتراک کرنا چاہتے ہیں

ہم نے ہر جگہ پر ایک کارکن کونسل بننا چاہتا ہوں

ہم وقت میں ایک مزدور کونسل بننا چاہتا ہوں

ہم نے خلا میں ایک مزدور کونسل بننا چاہتا ہوں


ہم دنیا بھر کے دیگر کارکنوں یونینوں اور کارکنوں کونسلوں کے ساتھ کام کرتے ہیں.

ہم نے اطاعت کی کارکن اور ملازمین یونینوں کہ ہم سے زیادہ غریب ہیں

ہم نے اطاعت کی کارکن اور ملازمین یونینوں کہ کم ہم سے منعقد کئے جاتے ہیں

ہم نے حکم کارکنوں اور مزدوروں یونینوں کہ ہم سے زیادہ امیر ہیں

ہم نے حکم کارکنوں اور مزدوروں یونینوں کہ مزید ہم سے منعقد کئے جاتے ہیں

ہم نے خود کو تنظیم کی نئی تشکیل ہم کو مسترد کرنے کے لئے آگے دیکھو.



کیامت اور قیامت کے دن پر ہالی وڈ میں سنیما ('2012') سماجی اتفاق رائے کی سرمایہ نظریہ کی حمایت کرتا ہے

کیامت اور قیامت کے دن ہالی وڈ کی فلموں میں ایک 'چونکانے والی' ختم کی 'غیر فعال منظوری فروغ دیتا ہے.

ہم ایک مختلف مستقبل کی کلپنا.


ہمارا مقصد ایک عام ہڑتال ہے :

ہمارا مقصد ایک اقتصادی ہڑتال ہے

ہمارا مقصد ایک سماجی ہڑتال ہے ،

ہمارا مقصد ایک ثقافتی حملہ ہے ،

ہمارا مقصد ہے ایک جنسی ہڑتال ہے ،

ہمارا مقصد ہے ایک نفسیاتی ہڑتال ہے.


2012 مزاحمتی کا سال ہو گا

2012 ہمارے نوشی کے مطابق رہنے کے لئے نہ ختم ہونے کی راہ میں تنظیم کا سال ہو گا.

2012 سال ہو جائے گا ہم نے کوانٹم وقت بند کر دیا بم

2012 سال ہو جائے گا تو ہم بند مستقبل


ایک ایسی دنیا کے پیمانے پر سماجی تبدیلی ممکن ہے اور ترقی پر ہے.

چوٹ کی وجہ سے ایک کو سب کو چوٹ ہے

اعداد و شمار کھنیک ، ذہنی اور مرنے کے کارکنوں کے لیبر یونین بیتہاشا ظالم کے خلاف ہماری جوابی زیادہ!



0. ہم معنی پیدا کرنے میں ملوث کارکنوں کی یونین ہے. یہ کھلی ہوئی ، ترقی ، پیداوار ، کنٹرول کی منتقلی . دوسرے الفاظ میں ، خط کے ساتھ کام کرنا. چونکہ خط کہیں بھی کچھ بھی استعمال کرتے ہوئے کسی کی طرف سے کر سکتے ہیں فیشن ، ، میں مرکزی امام کے کارکنوں کے لئے کھلا ہوا ہے جیسا کہ ہم نے کوئی اجرت میں داخل فرما ، بندوا یا پراپرٹی غلام ، سب کی ادائیگی ، ادت ، عارضی ، مستقل ، آرام دہ اور پرسکون کارکنوں اور مزدوروں کو مختلف کاموں کے پار -- کاروبار ، ، صنعت ، مختلف مقامات اور اوقات کے پار.

1. اعلان دوندوواد کے ایک جنگی آلہ اجتماعی شاعری طور پر ، اور تو براہ راست کارروائی کی طرف اہم تفریق ہم روایتی رواج کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ ، پیداوری کا دین ، اشتھانواد کی بت پرستی ، سرمایہ ریشنلائیزم '(عام عقل' -- جس میں اتنی عام نہیں ہے) ، اور شاہی نوکرشاہی کی ذہنیت.

2. کارکن کسی بھی بنیاد پر کے طور پر مخصوص صورتحال یا طبقاتی جدوجہد کی مثال کے طور پر فٹ بیٹھتا ہے کو منظم کرنے کے قابل ہونا چاہئے. یہ گھر ، تفریح ، عوامی یا نجی خلا میں ایک کام ، صنعت ، تجارت ، علاقائی ، کنپٹی یا طبقے کی بنیاد میں شامل ہے ،. ہم نے پھر بھی کشیدگی ہے کہ لیبر کی پہلی ویب سائٹ کی پیدائش کا کارکن ہے اور اس کا کام سب سے پہلے ہے اور سب سے پہلے عورتوں کے کام ، جنسی طور پر ترقی پسند لوگ ہیں اور دنیا بھر میں تمام غیر سفید غیر مرد - پیپلز چاہئے.

3. کارکن خود کو کسی بھی وقت فوری طور پر مائسنہرنیی نمائندوں کے طور پر آگے بڑھ سکو گے. ورکرز بعض صورتوں میں کمیٹیوں یا 1 شخص (کی تنظیموں سے قائم اس سے بھی) زیادہ اراکین کی ، ہو سکتا ہے یہ بھی منتخب کر سکتے ہیں سمیت مردہ / سوچا لوگ کسی بھی وقت).

4. ہم ایک اخلاقی ضروری کے نفاذ کے لئے پکارا کرو اور ایک دوسرے کی زندگی کا خیال کی مخالفت کرتا ہے ، کو گرانے اور سرمایہ ایک ، سب نے اس کے ساتھ استحصال پر اٹوٹ حصوں پر مبنی : تعلیم ، مہارت ، ماہرین ، مقابلہ ، پیشے ، مارکیٹ ، پیداوار ، استعمال ، درجہ بندی کے خلاف ورزی ، ڈھانچے ، جمالیات ، فاصلے ، "شدید" ثقافتی وغیرہ کے ساتھ یورپی ثقافت ، خود کی شناخت -

5. ایک مرکزی کیا جیسے ہم خود تنظیم جس میں سرمایہ داری زندہ رہنا جائیں گی جس کا ڈھانچہ تشکیل کے طور پر دیکھتے ہیں. لہذا ہم نے کوئی بینک اکاؤنٹ یا بقایا ہے. اپنے وسائل کی تمام سرمایہ تنظیموں کی جانب سے آزاد کرا لیا جائے گا. اس کے دوسرے کارکنوں کے ساتھ مقابلہ کرنے میں کوئی فائدہ نہیں ہے ، لیکن ظالم کی طرف سے اجتماعی چوری میں ایک بہت بڑی صلاحیت ہے. جس کے لئے کیا ہے؟ جیسا کہ ایک مرکزی ہمارا مقصد کی پیداوار کے ذرائع کے مجموعی کنٹرول سنبھال لیا ہے اور ہمارا کام ، جگہ ، وقت یا صنعت میں ایک مزدور کونسل بن جاتا ہے.

6. ایک مرکزی ہم دنیا بھر کے دیگر کارکنوں یونینوں اور کارکنوں کونسلوں کے ساتھ مل کر کام کرنے کے لئے طلب کے طور پر. ہم پیداوار اور وسائل کے استعمال کے سلسلہ کی شرائط میں ملازمین کی یونینوں اور مجلس ہے کہ براہ راست ہماری اپنی پیداوار سے متعلق ہیں کی ہدایت کی پیروی کرنا چاہتے ہیں.

7. ایک مرکزی طور پر ، اور کارکنوں کے طور پر ہم نے ان لوگوں کے کارکنوں ، یونینوں اور مجلس ہے کہ کم خود سے منعقد کئے جاتے ہیں اور ہم نے خود کو تنظیم کی نئی تشکیل ہم کو مسترد کرنے کے لئے آگے دیکھو پر عمل کریں. سرمایہ تعلقات ہم بھی دیکھو اشانتی پھیلانے کو کنٹرول کرنے میں ہم سے زیادہ منظم ان لوگوں کو.

8. ایسے '2012کے طور پر ہالی وڈ کی فلموں میں (کیامت موضوعات کے حالیہ دھماکے') سماجی اتفاق رائے کی سرمایہ نظریہ کو تقویت اور ایک چونکانے والی 'ختم کی' غیر فعال منظوری فروغ دیتا ہے. ہم ایک مختلف مستقبل کی کلپنا. ہمارا مقصد -- عام ہڑتال : اقتصادی ، سماجی ، ثقافتی ، جنسی ، ذہنی. 2012 ہمارے نوشی کے مطابق رہنے کے لئے نہ ختم ہونے کی راہ میں مزاحمت اور تنظیم کا سال ہو گا. ایک ایسی دنیا کے پیمانے پر سماجی تبدیلی ممکن ہے اور ترقی پر ہے.

چوٹ سے کسی ایک کے -- ڈیٹا کھنیک ، ذہنی اور مرنے کے کارکنوں کمیٹی ضرر ہے بیتہاشا ظالم کے خلاف ہماری جوابی زیادہ!











Мы профсоюз работников,

которые производят смысл;
которые работают на добычу, развитие, производство, управление, передачу и распространение смысла.
Значение осуществляется производителями и потребителями товаров.





Мы открыты для наемныхб, задолженных и заключенных рабов.
Мы открыты для всех оплачиваемых или неоплачиваемых рабочих.
Мы открыты для временных и постоянных работников.
Мы открыты для рабочих из любой работы, торговли, промышленности.
Мы открыты для рабочих из всякого пространства и времени.
Мы открыты для мертвыхработников.
Мы открыты для работников, которые не существуют.

Триалектика является инструментом, где диалектика растворяется в коллективной поэзии.

Триалектика ведет к прямому действию.

Мы требуем выместить позитивистские ритуалы.
Мы требуем выместить культ производительности.
Мы требуем выместить идолопоклонство научности.
Мы требуем выместить капиталистического „рационализма“ ("здравого смысла" - что не такое «здравое» на самом деле).
Мы требуем выместить имперско-бюрократического менталитета.

Мы можем организоваться в конкретной ситуации.
Мы можем организоваться на основе классовой борьбы.
Мы организуемся дома.
Мы организуемся во время отдыха в общественных или частных пространствах.
Мы организуемся на любом рабочем месте, отросли промышленности, торговли и в любом регионе.
Мы организуемся на любой временной или классовой основе.

Первый труд – это труд рождения.
Поэтому наиболее важной является работа женщин,
работа более прогрессивных полом;
работа всех небелых и немужского пола людей во всем мире.


Любой работник может выдвинуть, а также отозвать себя из делегатов в любое время.

Любой работник может стать комитетом.
Любой работник может стать союзом сам себе.

Мы хотим морального императива:
Мы хотим вообразить другую жизнь.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и заменить капиталистическую жизнь, потому что она основана на эксплуатации.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить образование.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить специализации.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить экспертов.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить конкуренцию.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить карьеры.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить рынок.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить безпредельное производство.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить потребление.

Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить классификацию.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить иерархию.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить эстетику.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить отчуждение.

Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить «серьезную» европейскую культуру.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить самоидентификацию с культурными клише.

Мы переживем капитализм.
У нас нет банковских счетов или сборов.
Мы берем все из капиталистических компаний.
Нету никакого смысла в конкуренции с другими работниками.
Мы будем воровать у наших угнетателей.
Кому это принадлежит?

Мы хотим взять на себя коллективную контроль над средствами производства.
Мы хотим делить между собой все свои ресурсы.
Мы хотим стать рабочими советами в любом месте.
Мы хотим стать рабочими советами во времени.
Мы хотим стать рабочими советами в пространстве.

Мы сотрудничаем с другими профсоюзами и рабочими советами по всему миру.
Мы подчиняемся работникам и профсоюзам работников, которые беднее нас.
Мы подчиняемся работникам и профсоюзам работников, которые являются менее организованными, чем мы.
Мы контролируем работников и профсоюзов работников, которые богаче, чем мы.
Мы контролируем работников и профсоюзов работников, которые являются более организованными, чем мы.
Мы с нетерпением ожидаем новых стуктур самоорганизации, что выместит нас.

Апокалипсис и Судный день в Голливудском кино (например «2012») способствует капиталистической идеологии социального консенсуса.
Апокалипсис и Судный день в Голливудском кино способствует пассивное принятие «шокирующего конца».
Мы представляем себе другое будущее.

Наша цель состоит во всеобщей забастовке:
Наша цель состоит в экономической забастовке
Наша цель состоит в социальной забастовке
Наша цель состоит в культурной забастовке
Наша цель является сексуальной забастовкой
Наша цель это психическая-телепатическая забастовка.

2012 год станет годом сопротивления.
2012 год станет годом организации в том, как перестать жить в соответствии с нашими привычками.
2012 год станет годом, когда мы остановим квантовую бомбу замедленного действия.
2012 год станет годом, когда мы остановим масонов будущего.

Социальные перемены в мировом масштабе возможны и уже происходят.







информация, разведка, Боевые операции:
социальные, политические и кУльтурНые рабоТники:
Присоединяйтесь к объединению
Шахтеров данных и психических работников!


Consider the whole of your life, what you already do, all your doings. Now please exclude everything which is naturally physiologically necessary (or harmful), such as breathing and sleeping (or breaking an arm). For what remains, exclude everything which is for the satisfaction of a social demand, a very large area which includes foremost your job, but also care of children, being polite, voting, your haircut, and much else. From what remains, exclude everything which is an agency, a "means" -- another very large area which overlaps with others to be excluded. From what remains, exclude everything which involves competition. In what remains, concentrate on everything done entirely because you just like it as you do it. (Henry Flynt „Against „Participation“: Total Critique of Culture“)


Alytus [Art Strike] Biennial of 2013 is yielding a ground for counter-eurocentrist manifestation, denouncing the structural core of racist issues in White culture of biennalization, rising the decolonization of mind including Black Power experience and subversion of "normalization" processes into abnorlamization fiest. We aim at new possibility of human relationship practices without capitalist specialization and bourgeois culture resulted alienation. The event is planned for August 19-25th , 2013 in Alytus. Discussions on decolonization and particularly on its visual and linguistic issues are planned on September 21-23, 2012 in Alytus.


Alytus Biennial is a logic continuation of numerous international experimental art festivals and events held in southern Lithuanian town Alytus since 1993. So far the essential element for the town is an absence of any artistic infrastructure (no galleries, art museums, nor even some exhibition hall in the city hosting 70 000 inhabitants – sic! - and even no any promises from the municipal authorities) the events were held directly in the streets and other urbanist common places. The essential element for any of those activities was political-artistic behavior and problematic.


First events overtaking the streets of Alytus for 24 hours were held in 1993-1996 and beared name “Straight. Section”.


In 1998 the event was intended to held performances directly in the river Nemunas which violently crosses the city. The event was titled “River & Communication”. Unfortunately there happen an accident during the mounting of the piece from the bridge – one of the assistants fell down from the bridge. That was one of the mostly scandalous events during the decade in Lithuania. The access to the strategic constructions and public places was restricted for a period of few years as a result.



As a clearly defined event under the name of Alytus Biennial the event appeared in 2005. The basic idea for it was to continue experimental art tradition directly in the urban spaces of the town. So far it took the title “Beware!Politics!” it really stood somewhere in-between of arts and politics. The biennial also clamed for debienalization of arts and society so to respond to increasing number of various biennials appeared as art-value in itself. The communal approach of the artists community was taken as a highest value of the event to continue the development further.



The biennial of 2007 was given to youth with a task simply to demystify it’s importance an so to trap the sacred name of it. So far they did not succeed to destroy the biennial as the symbol of “serious culture” – next step was Art Strike Biennial.: to cease any artistic activity related to mimicking of Vilnius European Cultural Capital and/or any establishment in Lithuania in 2009. Establishment got pierced and Biennial turned into an activity to not produce arts every second the year.


Alytus [Art Strike] Biennial of 2011 yieldied a ground for the Congress of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP). That happen on August 22-28th in Alytus. It aimed at gathering of world wide radical antiautoritaric post-neoist-out of Dadaists, surrealists or offsprings of fluxus and situationists, post artists (those who ceased their participation in capitalist spectacle), prophets, sages and seers, cultural, political and social workers, dead and alive, made-up and non-existant, reproductive workers and lovers – everybody who are active in the field of space, time and meaning under the umbrella of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique to discuss, share and spread around our experiences and good will to destroy bourgeois culture and outlive capitalist specializations. So far we found art strike biennial very relevant form to abolish imperialist format of cultural biennial format, also to liberate some funds from them on that occasion and that was very pleasant form to outlive the death of art (and serious culture) in a place were it never was settled (yet).


-          there were  invited everybody who ceased playing the role of artists, or are planning to do it soon – and we expect for not doing arts during the festival, but sharing your artistic experience and fantasies in more useful activities we’ll decide right at place

-         there were  invited theoreticians not to give the lectures and clever advices, neither addressing big names, but rather to look for latent possibilities not hidden under the shiny professionalism

-          there were  invited activists who instead of addressing global capitalist problems would face the misery of everyday life what is actual cause for it.

-          there were  invited everybody to set up the radical consequences of global capitalist cultural colonialism and to look forward for common acts in all levels of space, time and meaning.

The format of the congress:

The DAMTP congress openly adopted art strike format - to generate discussion and to repeat and develop collective practises.

The DAMTP congress collective practices consisted of:

-          Déjà vu day and night public preemptive anti-capitalist and counter-bourgeois-cultural pickets/demonstrations - dead workers of all nations and times were included;

-          writing of the multil-trans-non-asemic-angual slogans not keeping respect to common decissions while discussing it theoreticaly and covering some of them with paint with the task to improve what doesn't happen properly;

-          Déjà vu psychogeographic 3-sided football match in the public park;

-          Déjà vu developed and empowered total DIY music jam;

-          Déjà vu cloudbusting – the extraction of cosmic sexual energy extracted by 2 cloud engineering busters (according to invention by Wilhelm Reich)… and sharing will all people of good will around.

-          Déjà vu playing the game of war according Guy Debord's

-          getting to Déjà vu sunset of european civilization after day-long psycho-bus traveling

There was planned an impact/coallition with surrealists' communities, but instead [classical] surrealism got charges on psychic colonization from the side of black and coloured psychic workers. Besides the surrealist issues were discussed also the subverssions of jazz and rock'n'roll into the whities culture. The well phrased activities and dreams of white surrealists were redecided into the collective experiences prior to linguistication:

”Spontaneous festival of poetry made by all… to assist in the destruction of all repressive myths and ideologies and to assist in the creating the situation whereby all become poets” (Franklin Rosemont)

“Where life and death, the real and the imaginary, past and future, the communicable and the incommunicable, the high and the low, cease to be perceived as contradictions”. (Andre Breton) 

“Everyday life of the Pygmies in the African rainforest includes the custom of allowing anyone at any moment on any occasion to break spontaneously into dance. Whenever a member of his marvelous community feels like it he or she may simply begin to dance and others may join as the please....” (Debra Taub)

…and we’ll have “a great deal of company, - curious tourists from abroad, artistic people, and socialists…” (Arthur Sumner)... accompanied with an army of local elder teenagers.

And traditionally: no individual show-ups, no organized [visual] documentation ...and trying to avoid any... 


At the moment the Biennial joins the general strike of 2012 accomplishing it with creative experience and psychic liberation of humanity.  Biennial chooses various formats of fight against biennalization: biennial-to-biennial, individual-to-biennial, kamikaze-biennial, invisible-made-up-non-existant biennial and others. Also supports whatsoever attempt to destroy any biennial event by demotivation of it's workers and discreditation of their exploiters, also any cultural capital celebration and also we aim to support general art strike as black powered periferies of eurocentrism. 




Burn, Baby, Burn!





“If the end is the taking of power by the people themselves then the means must be the revolutionary organs of the people – worker councils, community councils, communes etc.

If the end is the freeing of man culturally as well socially and economically then the means exist in the destruction of “culture”.

If the end is the liberation of natural man then the means must be sexual as well as social.

If the end is the “totality” then the means must be “total” – all or nothing.”

Ben Morea. Black Mask No. 7, August/September 1967.