بِسْمِ ‌ال‍‍لَّهِ ‌ال‍‍رَّحْمَنِ ‌ال‍‍رَّح‍‍ِ‍ي‍‍مِ

الْحَمْدُ‌ لِلَّهِ ‌‍رَبِّ ‌الْعَالَم‍‍ِ‍ي‍‍نَ
I are we am Tae Ateh. Become Tae Ateh. Tae Ateh has been given to us by the words of the trees and the song of the heart beating like a train. Tae Ateh has been selected for a new multiple identity project in the tradition of Monty Cantsin, Karen Eliot and Luther Blissett. The Tae Ateh moniker has the advantage of being one that might belong to either a male of a female since Tae as a first name does not appear to be gender specific.

At the same time it is distinctly female as Ateh in some languages refers to an older female of the family. It is also distinctly non European. As such it is a double whammy against the twin monsters of Eurocentricity and Patriarchy. In this way it is superior to any previous multiple identity we are aware of.Even more Tae Ateh refers not only to human, but also to non-human beings and so revolutionize stuck into anthropocentrism multiple identity project(s) of previous attempts. Tae Ateh is a name plant that calls another plant and refers to the inner materiality vibrations leading to resonance. Tae Ateh is a name for butterfly‘s wings effect.
Tae Ateh is a name that refers to an animist depths of personhood individual human which enables any individual human or non-human being to be anyone or anything. Tae Ateh therefore is anthropogenic as it was initiated by humans so to be done only what is necessary in order for non-humans to be treated like humans. There is included the sharpest critique of eurocentrism as privatising the notion of being human so diverging it to supremacy, sexism and racism. In this way Tae Ateh is a name for a new working class sobjectivity (the weeping of parting and the weaping of reuniting) wahdat in kathiral and kathiral in wahdat.

The name is fixed, the people using it aren’t. The name Tae Ateh can be strategically adopted for a series of actions, interventions,exhibitions, texts, etc. You can use the name Tae Ateh when involved in any form of psychic or physical production. The purpose of many different people using the same name is to create a situation for which no one in particular is responsible and to practically attack western philosophical notions of identity, individuality, originality, value, humanism and truth.

Anyone can become Tae  Ateh simply by adopting the name. When one becomes Tae Ateh one’s previous existence consists of the acts other people have undertaken using the name. When one becomes Tae Ateh one has no family, no parents, no birth, no culture. Tae Ateh was not born, s/he was materialised from animist social forces, constructed as a means of entering the shifting terrain that circumscribes the ‘individual’ and society. Tae Ateh is a transsexual transnational transhuman collective phantom.

Fellow workers,

While we can commend your steadfast defence of your workers, even to the point of mutiny against the city officials we must draw some further points to your attention if you are to truly fulfil the historical mission of becoming a revolutionary workers organisation.

Firstly you must begin to organise not just as a benevolent association but as a psychic workers union. You are not productive workers. You do not produce commodities. You are non-productive, so what is your work producing? It is nothing but the production of everyday life. You produce also the psychic cohesion of the working class. Currently this psychic effort is in the service not of the people ie the working class, but the elite, ie the ruling class. So first you must transform yourself into a psychic workers union.

As producers of everyday life therefore you must allow the working class especially in your special areas to enter into your union freely. And treat the working class with which you come into contact in everyday life, as equal workers to your own police workers.

Secondly you must allow those fellow destructive workers – the so-called criminals – into your union, your discussions, considerations and organisation. We say “so-called criminals” because in instances of people being killed by the police the question of criminality of the police is opened up. Therefore your own workers are equal with others, those non-workers, unemployed criminalised workers that you are pitted against while you do the bidding of the ruling class. Only you can change this.

Thirdly you will become part of the local and international reproductive unions. Certainly in those cases where workers have been killed, whether police or the criminalised, there has been an attempt by families to organise. Your own efforts have only so far been around the families of dead police officers – but not around the families of those killed by the police. This must change. Furthermore you must merge with reproductive unions, all families of new York and the world, in order to revolutionise society as we transform ourselves from wage slaves into masters of our own destinies.

We await your response









Groups like Daesh (ISIS), Al Qaeda, Ansar Deen, Taliban, Boko Haram etc
etc are not radical, extreme or fundamental - they are REACTIONARY,
PATRIARCHAL and FAR RIGHT mirrors of those such as the EDL, Britain First
etc that supposedly oppose them. They are the products, just like far
right groups are, of neoliberal bourgeois democracy.

In opposing the forces of reaction we are pleased to invite all

PsychiK psychogeographiK ProletariAn paKis

previous announcement of urs:

KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++ KUNST-STREIK-BÜRO +++ wichtige Mitteilung +++

aufgrund strktureller Probleme, die sowohl personelle, als auch organisatorische Gründe haben legt das Organ kritischer Kunst die Arbeit unbefristet nieder !!!

okk/raum29 tritt ab jetzt in den ------- KUNST-STREIK ------------->

die derzeitigen Verhältnisse der prekären Arbeit lassen keine Weiterführung des Kunstbetriebes eines Projektraumes im Sinne einer kritischen Kunst und seiner Projektkooperationen zu. Es ist unmöglich geworden weiterzuarbeiten, wenn aufgrund der rückhaltlosen und perspektivlosen Umstände personelle und organisatorische Brüche in der Arbeit entstehen. Diese Unstimmigkeiten führen zu Missmut, Vertrauensbrüchen und letztendlich auch zu Zerwürfnissen in den Kollektiven.
Die Verantwortung hierfür tragen mehrere Behörden die, obgleich ihr Auftrag etwas anderes vorgibt, die Arbeit kritischer Kunst unterminieren.
Hauptgrund für die Entscheidung die Arbeit im Organ kritischer Kunst niederzulegen, ist die Nichtanerkennung von Grundrechten politischer, nicht im Sinne der neoliberalen Verwertungslogik produzierender Künstlerinnen und Künstler, von Seiten staatlicher Behörden.
Seit Jahren wird von vielen Netzwerken auf den Missstand hingewiesen, indem sich kulturelle und künstlerische Projekte an der Basis befinden. Vor allem auch in unserer Stadt haben sich Initiativen gegründet um dem entgegenzuwirken. Es wurde und wird viel geredet, getan wenig und die Prekarisierung nimmt unaufhaltsam ihren Lauf. Wenn die, von Soros „Open Society's“ gemästete Kunstgänse unter ihresgleichen kapital-affine, kritisch-affirmative Kunst (im Spektrum von Querfront bis Neokolonialismus) propagieren und über Organisationsformen und Syndikalisierung reden und dabei aufrichtige Kolleginnen und Kollegen instrumentalisiert werden, dann ist des blanken Zynismus Horizont wohl erreicht. Die Speerspitze einer eurozentristischen, weißen Kultur wird hofiert, auf der Suche nach dem humanen Kapitalismus, den man im Osten Europas mit Bomben und Granaten zu installieren versucht. Es wird das Zerrbild der „kritischen Gesellschaft“ medienwirksam in Szene gesetzt auf Kosten derer, die ausgeschlossen werden, um die eigene Legitimation und Herrlichkeit zu zelebrieren.
Wenn noch nicht mal die Grundrechte gewährleistet werden und auch sonst noch an so mancherlei bürokratischer Hürden gebastelt wird, dann wird jeglicher Versuch, durch Maximierung der Selbstausbeutung ein Minimum an Würde für seine Arbeit zu erlangen, obsolet – deswegen, definitiv: STREIK!

T-Shirt campaign to raise money for the the garments workers who have been killed making t-shirts for benetton -


"Artist Organizations International" gang practices its "specific understanding of art within a social and political context" by confusing principles of psychic gentrification, history faking and manipulation. (

Full-blown shopping for the hearts & minds is going down around the globe. Shady assets & surplus value in form of conditional short & long-term political, social and cultural "project" funding has messed up the practices of genuine grassroots solidarity actions and real critical thinking. That is to say one thing is the material & ideological conditions in which we non-live, while another is whether we actually do something about it or internalize the rewarding mechanism. Unfortunately, what is instilled in this army of application-writing gentrification soldiers is the values of moral supremacy and privilege - very beneficial in spreading the Eurocentric logic of art, democracy and enlightenment.

These careerists are just like a politician who might pride him- or herself for the exposure she gets, but the emptiness of their image embodies mood swings and tactical strategies of their bosses. Luckily, the self-styled "leaders of change" make their poor understanding of the social nature of humanity visible by forming gangs for such spectacles and "representing" made up unions. But the problem lies in the fact that such entrepreneurs seduce the poor into reproducing this aestheticization of politics, a key ingredient to fascism.

Svarbiausia atsarginiam žaidėjui niekada nepakilti nuo atsarginių žaidėjų suoliuko ir nesiveržti į žaidimo aikštę. Nepasiduoti liūdesiui ir visada džiaugtis centro ir krašto puolėjų laimėjimais, stipriai plojant rankų delnais. O kada delnai ištins ir jūs nebegalėsite ploti, štai tada pats laikas pasidaryti arba įsigyti krapštuką. Tada pirmiausia reiktų nukrapštyti vartus, kamuolį ir teisėjo švilpuką, po to nukrapštyti teisėją, centro ir krašto puolėjus. Reiktų palikti tik gynėjus ir vartininkus, prieš tai nukrapščius jų žaidimo aprangas ir žaidimo batelius, kurie niokoja žaidimo aikštės žolę. Štai tada pats laikas nukrapštyti save nuo atsarginių žaidėjų suolelio ir prisijungti, nusimetus žaidėjo aprangą, prie ŽOLĖS GYNĖJŲ KOMANDOS.

У индейцев Южной Америки имеется такой миф: он рассказывает о том времени, когда на Земле из представителей homo sapience обитали лишь женщины. Впрочем, тогда они тоже были не совсем того, в смысле homo, и тем более в смысле sapience, поскольку размножались вегетативным способом, вступая в интимную связь с грибами, которые в те далекие мифологические времена были тоже не совсем растениями, а, скорее, своеобразными растительными, но мыслящими фаллосами. Все было хорошо, пока одни грибы не вздумали проникать в женщин противоестественным путем, принуждая их к употреблению себя в пищу. От этого женщины стали рожать невиданных прежде антропоидных существ, имеющих морфологические признаки родства с псилобициновыми грибами. Так появились мужчины. Они переняли у грибов все основные функции, включая охоту на крупный рогатый скот. Очень правдоподобный миф...

[А.В.Шаповалов, Известный российский этномиколог, директор Новосибирского краеведческого музея ]

illustration by Apollonia Saintclair - La trouvaille (There you are!...)
Lat.: Phallus impudicus - Fr.: Satyre puant

Komentarą paskatino parašyti Audronio Liugos eurocentristinis ekstremizmas ir rasizmo pateisinimas straipsnyje „Sąžinės maišto laikas“ (Kultūros barai, Nr.11). Straipsnyje autorius aprašo ir išaukština Bretto Bailey‘o projektų ciklą „Exhibit A“ ir „Exhibit B“, kuris buvo boikotuotas Londone, o masinį (daugiausia juodaodžių) pasipriešinimą įvardijo kaip žmonių, nesuvokiančių „istorinės tiesos“ veiksmus. Straipsnio autorius naiviai (o galbūt ir sąmoningai) manosi ginąs „menininko teisę turėti kūrybos ir pasaulėžiūros laisvę“, nors iš esmės demonstruoja eurocentristinį šovinizmą ir struktūrinį rasizmą, kuris jo nuomone yra pateisinamas, jeigu įtrauktas į buržuazinius festivalius pripažintuose europiniuose centruose. Apgailėtina, bet autorius nesugeba pateikti nė vieno argumento iš kitos – protestuotojų – pusės. Jis apgailestauja, kad projektas nebuvo įgyvendintas Londono meno komplekse Barbicane, kai tuo tarpu aš buvau vienas tų, kurie buvo kitoje barikadų pusėje ir čia noriu pateikti kitokius argumentus.

Bailey‘o projektas yra rasistinis iš esmės, nes demonstruoja juodaodžius vyrus ir moteris kaip paprasčiausius objektus. Bet tai mums[1] jau įprasta – dar daugiau – tai Europoje normalu. Tai mūsų nebešokiruoja. Mes tuo netgi nesipiktiname. Bet šis atvejis mums yra galimybė pabrėžti Europos kultūros rasistines šaknis, nes būtent šiame projekte tai daugiau nei akivaizdu. Ir šio reiškinio peticijomis atakuoti nebėra prasmės, nes Europos kultūra turi tam imunitetą. Tai įrodo, kad ir kitas minėtame straipsnyje aprašomas pavyzdys – Castelluci‘o spektaklio boikotas Lietuvoje, kurio dėka vidutiniškas spektaklis įgauna prasmę, privatizuojant sąmoningai išprovokuoto skandalo pasekmes. Taigi, mes nesiekiame reformuoti meno, ar europinės kultūros, ar kažkokio naujo reformuoto rasizmo lygmens. Mums visi šie elementai tėra kapitalizmo kanalizacijos, o kapitalizmas negali būti reformuotas iš esmės. Todėl nėra prasmės boikotuoti nei Barbicane centro, nei bet kurios kitos „viešosios erdvės“ panašiam menui rodyti. Tokios vietos turi ilgainiui atitekti žmonėms, kurie dirba, o ne tiems, kurie darbą ar jo prasmę privatizuoja. Čia norime pabrėžti, kad juodaodis Europoje iš esmės yra politinis darbininkas, už kurio darbą jam nesumokama. Dėl šios priežasties A. Liugos pozicija yra kritikuotina vien dėl nesugebėjimo atskirti minios nuo organizuoto ir klasines pozicijas aiškiai artikuliuojančio pasipriešinimo, kurio, deje, Lietuvoje mes neturime ir reakcionieriai bando jas tapatinti su nacionalinės isterijos pagalba suformuotomis „žmonių masėmis“.

we're gonna be printing bootleg t-shirts to sell on oxford street during the XMAS RUSH ... proceeds both psychical and physical to go to BOSTROBALIKARA garments workers in BANGLADESH ...
Pasaulį išvydo nauja kontrkultūrinės propagandos knyga - „Alytaus avangardizmas: nuo gatvės meno iki visuotinio psichodarbininkų streiko“, kurios autoriai transnacionalinis ikonoklastas Redas Diržys ir nacionalinis ikonodulas Kęstutis Šapoka.

Knygoje pristatoma jau dvidešimtmetį perkopusi Alytaus avangardizmo istorija, kuri prasidėjo profluxistinėmis meninėmis Tiesės.Pjūvio akcijomis, vėliau vystėsi socio[kontr]kultūrino aktyvizmo linkme, kol galiausiai realizavosi postsitucionistinėmis meno streiko bienalėmis. Šiandien ši tradicija atvirai deklaruoja proletarizmą kaip klasinę poziciją, ragina atsisakyti vaidinti menininkų vaidmenis kapitalistinės specializacijos spektaklyje bei prisijungti prie psichodarbininkų – žmonių, kuriančių nuo reikšmingumo atsietą [gyvenimo] prasmę, o ne [susvetimėjimo] kultūrinį kapitalą. Knygos autoriai – vienas žvilgsniu iš išorės, kitas – iš vidaus – demaskuoja buržuazinio intelektualo socialinį vaidmenį suteikti kapitalizmui „žmogišką veidą“ ir primena, kad klasikinės fašizmo šaknys slypi būtent šios socialinės grupės atstovų desperacijoje, kurią jie linkę įvardinti „normalizacija“ ir kurios šiuo metu pavojingai daugėja. Knyga skirta visiems ir kiekvienam, kurie siekia atsiriboti nuo buržuazinės represijos spektaklio ir galėtų prisijungti prie proletarinio psichodarbininkų karnavalinio pasipriešinimo.

Maloniai kviečiame į šios knygos pristatymus:

  1. Vilniuje, 2014 m. gruodžio 10 d. 18.30 val. LTMKS projektų erdvėje „Malonioji 6“, Malonioji g. 6, Vilnius. Renginio metu planuojama platesnė diskusija, kurioje dalyvaus dalyvaus knygos autoriai Redas Diržys ir Kęstutis Šapoka, į pokalbį įsijungs Danutė Gambickaitė. Pokalbį moderuos Ernestas Parulskis. Daugiau apie renginį:
  2. Alytuje, 2014 m. gruodžio 19 d. 16.00 val. Alytaus miesto J. Kunčino viešojoje bibliotekoje. Dalyvaus knygos autoriai.
Nepamirškite – ateidami į šiuos renginius jūs ženkliai prisidėsite prie maišto prieš buržuazinę susvetimėjimo kultūrą!

معدن به داده
ها و کارگران
روانی است که
صنعتی روانی/
Ένωση Εργατών
Δεδομένων και
το ψυχικό
איגוד כורי
DAta Miners Travailleuse Psychique  انجمن
متن کھنیک
اور عملی
کارکن / اتحاد


Comrades are invited to join or advise on our 3 pronged attack this winter against the forces of the bourgeoisie.

1>>>>>>>>>>>>> 21 November - 23 November, 2014

DAMTP DesaKalaPatraGraph will be installed at the "OCCUPY Democracy Camp" in Parliament Square, London.

Artist call: artwork needed for Occupy Democracy outside Parliament. Artwork with political conscious needed, performance, banner, or any other relevant artwork. For more information please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP!


DEWOU- DAMTP will also be doing a psychic attack against the high street fashion chains that exploit garments workers at Occupy Democracy. T-shirt printing workshop in solidarity with garments workers on Bangladesh. We will create designs and print onto T-shirts which will be sold at leading high street stored in order to raise awareness of atrocities committed by high street brands and to raise funds for families of dead workers and hospital treatment of those injured producing clothes for the high streets of the overdeveloped world.

We are from Left 21, a left-wing group in Hong Kong. We are supporting but not organising the movement.

The current demands of the movement is for democratisation of Hong Kong’s political system, especially the elections for the Chief Executive.

After days of protests, the government has agreed to meet with students last night.
You could help by drafting and signing a statement of support targeting the HONG KONG government, to ask them to conduct the coming meeting with students with an open attitude and to promote the democratisation of Hong Kong.

Kindly avoid using words such as ‘revolution’ in the statement, because this is not a revolution.

We would be most grateful if you could let us have a look at the statement before publishing it. Thank you so much.

In solidarity!

Here is a DAMTP letter to HK Government. The original letter was changed to remove any
reference to "communism" on request of left21. Even we do not mention the word but our aims are always revolutionary:

Fellow workers,

We are writing from the International Workers Union of Psychic Workers


We write to question your decision to cancel the meeting with a delegation from the striking students regarding their collective demands.

We must demand that you meet with them as originally planned. We must demand that you recognise them as workers even as you are workers.

Students, like government workers or civil servants, are psychic producers of the conditions for all workers. More and more, academia around the world is becoming more like a factory for national ideology than a place of education or learning. As such students are in a similar situation to you in that they are producing the situation that is perpetuating around them.

We hope you can come together with them in the interests of workers all over the world to move towards real democratic socialism; the transfer of all means of production, both physical and psychical, into the direct control of workers.

Referring to tens of thousands of people, as well as the various Black organisations and Trade Union groups, who have petitioned against you as a "mob" shows your contempt for not only black people but also the working class generally.

You should not be surprised of this reaction in London. We are very organised in resisting racism here. This is the place where the first slave writers were published. This is the place where we forced our voice to be heard then and we will now.

You would however be more correct in not talking of the "global capital of democracy" but rather the global democracy of Capital - it is no surprise either that you are supported but the capitalists of the City of London Corporation.

And so also it is no surprise that rather than engage with the political arguments raised against you, your are simply invoking Art as your defence against any criticism. For us you are no different to other artists who create nothing as workers but rather are entrepreneurs who exploit and subjugate workers for the creation of cultural capital.

But let us talk of Art.

The racist exhibition at the barbican showing black women and men exhibited like objects comes as no surprise to us. We are not outraged or shocked

However we see this as an opportunity to hit back because the racism of european culture is maybe more explicit in this case.

We do not see any point in petitions. European culture cannot be petitioned. We dont want
a reformed art or reformed european culture or indeed a reformed racism. For us these are
part and parcel of capitalism which cannot be reformed.  And we do not see any point in a boycott of the barbican. The barbican should be the property of the working class. We will not be forced out by capitalists sexists and racists.

We do not blame the black actors who have taken part in this debacle no doubt for money.
We refuse to blame our fellow workers. The artist who has claimed to be creator - in fact the artist, creator of nothing but capital through stealing the work and struggle of others, is always a cultural capitalist.

This work is no different from other works of art where the artist direct resources - create nothing but act as entrepreneurs and creators of capital

True creation is work - it requires collaboration and communion with other workers. this is what we intend to do.

We are the union of psychic workers.

We intend to enter the exhibition and liberate our fellow workers.

Join us




Consumers can contribute to the workers strike currently taking place in 5 factories in solidarity with the hunger strike. we can make a psychic strike - refusing our role as silent and mute workers who have no dialogue with other workers who produce the things we use. we can send a clear message of support to the corportions and capitalists who profit from our exploitation as workers and consumers.

Having taught abroad in the Solomon Islands and currently working on school exchange programmes with my own school in Cambridgeshire and others in Sierra Leone and Pakistan, I was eager to see how this conference would address not just recent developments in education around the world but also the interaction between schools and teachers on a global scale.

Mary Compton, chair, introduced the day’s proceedings with the idea that the current attacks on state education in this country were not just about Gove but about global capitalism. She also told us, as if to illustrate her point, that there were some changes to the programme: the Ethiopian speaker had been refused a visa in a humiliating fashion by UKBA and Denis from Turkey had been refused permission to travel from his university. In contrast however she did also have some good news: Abters had to send a replacement speaker as he had been made rector of the autonomous university and was being inaugurated this weekend.

Christine Blower, General Secretary, next outlined the NUTs position with regard to education: in contrast to the government and corporations who see it as an economic good, the NUT maintains that education is a public good and a human right.

Next to speak was Susan Robertson of Bristol University to give an overview of GERM: the Global Education Reform Movement. She identified and debunked 3 myths and justification made by capitalists for GERM – accountability, autonomy and competition. These are very familiar for those of us with any experience of the academisation of schools in recent years: “accountability” as an excuse for excessive and damaging testing, “autonomy” for deregulation and “competition” for stratification.

Susan pinpointed not only the principal parties interested in GERM : Pearson (owners of EdExcel, Economist, FT etc who have moved out of housing and into education), Elseviere as well as what she labeled “venture philanthropists” including James Tooley, Michael Baiber, Bill Gates. She also identified some key moments in its development eg the 2011 International Summit on Teaching Profession which took place in New York attended by OECD and many multilateral agencies but not a single teachers union. Some strategies of corporations and governments e.g. PISA, TELUS and SABER were also mentioned as key moments of the ongoing global privatization of education.